Innovative strength lightweight construction

We are pleased that we are making further progress with the funding for promising innovations. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, for example, is focusing on the innovative power of lightweight construction and now plans to promote it. Lightweight construction is a topic that is constantly being discussed, and not only in the area of shaping processing, such as casting or injection moulding – keyword: material substitution.

CDEuM is a specialist in the field of thermoplastics when it comes to integrating functionally reliable holders for control units or similar, incorporating media-tight feed-throughs, or performing sealing functions.

Lightweight construction is not only used in the automotive industry, but also in other high-turnover sectors such as the metal and electrical industry, aerospace and mechanical engineering. It thus directly determines the future-oriented further development of our industry and ensures that the “Made in Germany” seal of quality continues to reflect the innovative strength of our country.

Therefore we are particularly proud of the 3rd place at the Innovation Award of our OEM, where we have innovatively carried out the pre-development.

For further information on the lightweight construction subsidy, we recommend the interview with Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker, Parliamentary State Secretary at the BMWi, which can be accessed via the following link:

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