Afried for you

when I look out of my window, I notice that we have already arrived in the middle of the cold and wet weather. And perhaps you feel the same way I do, because I hear the forecasts of the Robert Koch Institute with shivers. What is in store for us again?

Only the forecasts for the automotive industry in our country are even gloomier. After staff reductions and plant closures, the wave of bankruptcies among suppliers threatens to sweep over us in the near future. Engineering budgets are being cut, orders are no longer being placed externally and entire product lines are being scrapped. We are arming ourselves for a time after Corona, when ambitious climate targets will determine the product range and automobile construction as we knew it will no longer take place.

Now the Future Institute in cooperation with Ford has published the trend study „Mobility Zeitgeist“ (spirit of the age), in which Generation Z was asked about their wishes and needs in the field of mobility.  For the interviewees aged between 18 and 23 years, mobility today is synonymous with multimodality, flexibility and freedom. The car remains very important, but must be able to integrate itself into an active, environmentally conscious lifestyle. For example, 70% of Generation Z wanted the lowest possible prices or mobility at low cost.

Citroen is launching the small city runabout Ami, which is to be available in Germany from the first quarter of 2021. The little Frenchman measures only a paltry 2.41 metres, is fully electric and can be driven with an AM driving licence (for mopeds, scooters and suchlike) in Rhineland-Palatinate from the age of 15. One thing should be clear in any case. With this vehicle every parking space is safe for you.

But the idea is not new. Already in 1992, I and my team were commissioned to develop a „City-Jumper“, which could also only be driven with a moped driving licence and which should relieve the city traffic. At that time the concept was not pursued further. The time was just not ripe for it. But in times of advancing technological change and strict climate targets, the time has come for a new mobility concept.

Just compare our design study from back then with the Yank of today. You will find an interesting test report under this link.

It shows: Good ideas never die out. So if you are looking for a creative team to make your ideas come true, just get in touch with us.

See you soon,

Yours Andreas Seydell

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