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This week the new school year started in Rhineland-Palatinate and I hope you all had a great and relaxing holiday, even with hygiene rules and distance rules. We all deserved it honestly.

Right on time for the start of school, we at CDEuM are starting full steam ahead again and realising interesting and creative projects for our customers.

So it is only fitting that CVC Südwest – the Commercial Vehicle Cluster – is dedicating an entire double page to our company and reporting on our work and our successes in its news.

Over 25 years of engineering experience from passion is definitely worth mentioning. But we are especially proud of how many clients appreciate our creative know-how and entrust us with the development of innovative projects. Be it an online paintable plastic body, an antenna-compatible plastic body shell, cooling air control systems in the design area, communication interfaces between vehicle and filling station in the H2 area, etc. and so on. We find a compatible solution for almost all applications.

But it does not always have to be “only” innovative developments that our team deals with. We also realise creative concepts for agricultural technology, mechanical engineering or the consumer goods industry – whether robots or e-scooters.

My greatest success story, however, is not to be found on our homepage or in an excerpt from our list of references, but in the office above me. Because meanwhile the next generation, led by Sebastian Seydell, is heading the successful continuation of the company history.

If you would like to learn more about CDEuM, please feel free to read the report in the CVC News on pages 27 and 28 at

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