Tip the scales

Now 14 days of partial lockdown are already behind us. A time of reduced private contacts in order to get a grip on the drastically increasing infection rates. In contrast to the first lockdown in spring, schools and kindergartens are not closed, production in factories is not shut down, and car dealerships and registration offices are also open, as crucial health precautions were taken after the stop in spring.

Nevertheless, I am sure we are all aware that we are facing a harsh winter, the effects of which in the private and social spheres will stand or fall with the observance of distance and hygiene regulations by each and every one of us.

While calls for the de-globalisation of supply chains were made during the first lockdown, most of that has now fizzled out. Yet the tone between car manufacturers and suppliers is becoming rougher. Even in economically healthy times, haggling over every cent for components was common practice. In the meantime, price pressure has taken on new dimensions.

But can it really go on like this? One thing is clear: it is an enormous task for manufacturers and major suppliers to keep their supply chains stable in these uncertain times. There are 3 crucial areas that need to be kept in mind. How reliably does the supplier work? What is the quality of the parts? How stable is the political and health situation in the country?

Especially for us suppliers, intensive cooperation based on mutual trust is therefore crucial if we want to help shape the future of the automobile despite cost pressure. A strong customer relationship can be the decisive tip of the scales if you have to hold your own in global competition. We are therefore particularly pleased that we have been entrusted with the development of 3 rear spoilers (rear door spoilers) for a vehicle with a normal combustion engine, for the performance-enhanced version and of course also for the E-model.

If one now assumes that the decision for us is not only connected with the fact that we operate as a German company in a very stable environment, then one can be proud when one’s own work is judged to be of high quality and reliable.

Because that’s what I have been burning for for over 35 years – every day.

Yours Andreas Seydell

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