The new normal or expand your box

we have now arrived in July 2020, 4 months after the shutdown and the situation is still quite bleak. Despite falling numbers of infections and the absence of a second corona wave, the order situation in our industry looks as bitter as some accommodation for Romanian auxiliary workers of German slaughterhouses.

Now it’s time to welcome “the new normal”, not to fall around the neck of old friends at the long-awaited reunion, maybe spend the summer holiday on a German beach and to inform yourself in advance about the corona restrictions of each federal state you might pass through on your way there. Federalism yay! However, new trends are also emerging. In the “New Work” area, video conferencing and the home office are firmly part of everyday working life, while both were rather the exceptions before the pandemic.

The empty order books also give us time to think and re-evaluate. In a working environment that is characterized by innovative thinking, the slogan “Think outside the box” is heard time and again. So why not think in a completely different direction?

But what exactly is the famous box? Quite simply – we are ourselves. That is our personality – our values, our experiences, our knowledge, our passions and our quirks. These things make our Box something very special and unique.

This is also the reason why we cannot get out of our box at all. Once we have recognized what makes our Box so unique – what our strengths, interests and goals are – we can actively use this for ourselves. In other words, we always find the most innovative solutions when we work with our Box. By specifically linking our own personal “components”, we train our creativity and thus increase the chances of developing innovative ideas. When we combine the things we read, observe and experience, our brain has more and more material at its disposal when looking for new, unusual solutions.

For more than 35 years, our concept for success has been to provide our customers with new and innovative ideas again and again. Because know-how and creativity are always needed. So our true key to success is not “Think outside the box”, but “Expand your box”.

Well, curious to know what our box has to offer?

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